Through the Years: Travel Adventures With My Sister

Above Image: Oakland 12th Street Bart Station circa 2008 or 2009. We were on our way to the city for a bachelorette party. And yes, I was rockin’ some bangs.

These days, travel with my sister mostly involves boarding. She’s the one who deserves credit for creating a snowboarding monster.

But before we started riding together, we traveled together. I recently found these old gems from my hard drive.

Me thinks a trip down memory lane is in order…

Hong Kong 2005-ish

This was when I lived in Korea. We took a spontaneous trip to Hong Kong from Korea in the summer of 2006, or was it 2005? It was crazy hot.

Phuket, Thailand 2006

We also took a trip to Phuket, Thailand in 2006. It was right after the tsunami, so the island was empty and still recovering, but we still had a blast.
Oh to be young again. Thailand, 2006
We met these guys on our snorkel boat ride. Phuket, Thailand 2006

Costa Rica, 2009

Costa Rica, 2009 – we just ziplined and look super sweaty here. Those are volcanic mountains behind us.
Then we had drinks with our zipline guides. Ha! Costa Rica, 2009

Las Vegas, 2009

This one doesn’t really count because it was at a wedding, but I found it while sifting through my photos and wanted to include it because we look nice. It’s ebony and ivory.

London, England 2015

This was an unplanned trip to London in 2015. I didn’t realize my passport was expiring in a few short months and we got stuck in London on our way to Portugal. I had to go to the embassy and get a temporary passport, but we managed to sightsee in between.

Portugal 2015

We finally made it to Portugal. This was in Porto, and no, that’s not James Franco. It was some drunk dude who saw us walk by and grabbed us for a photo. The whole area was filled with Portuguese college kids who had just completed their final exams. They were wasted.
We also met a Brazilian traveler named Nanda (short for Fernanda). We traveled around Lisbon with her for a whole day and walked around Sao George Castle and had fun despite the fact that her English was not the best. We sometimes tried to speak Spanish, but it was basically a #fail.
This strapping gentleman (who kind of looks like Kieran Culkan?) is David – he’s from Germany. He and his friend drove to Portugal for a boy’s trip. I’m so envious of Europeans and their ability to take international road trips.

Honolulu, Hawaii 2017

We grabbed a drink near our hotel before going out to meet a few friends for dinner. Oahu, Hawaii Sept. 2017

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