Text Messages from My Korean Mom (Momfidence, Anyone?)

My mom has always been a very positive person. Even before the days of Oprah, SNL’s “I’m good enough’s” Stuart Smalley, and self-help books, my mom was always there to tell me in one way or another that life is OK. That I’ll be OK.

At The Broad museum. The art exhibit emits some kind of electronic sound waves that are transmitted into the headphones.

I pretty much grew up in a household full of my mom’s “You can do it” sticky notes and watched my mom write in her journal, read, and constantly strive for positivity. Of course, back then, none of that stuff rubbed off on me. I was way too immature for that. I just thought she was a studious bookworm.

Family dinner at The Bowery.

So, naturally, when my mom figured out how to send text messages, she would send words of encouragement.

Then, she discovered how to use emojis. Boy, does she love those emojis.

After that, she discovered how to copy paste messages, which means my sister gets the exact same text messages each day. She’s learned the art of spam.

Lately, my 78-year-old dad has jumped on the bandwagon too (those are coming soon). Each morning, my mom sends me a cheery message, filled with love, sunshine, and of course, emojis galore.

I find it really cute, but more than that, it’s a true testament to what kind of a person my mom is. She’s sassy, smart, wise, growth-minded, forward-thinking, and on top of that, she’s a really talented cook (only healthy stuff of course).

I like to think I take after my mom.

She loves YouTube and made these superfood cluster nut thingies that required her to dry some kind of fruit in the sun, but it tasted like something you’d pay $15 a bag for at Whole Foods.

Some parents call their kids pumpkin or sweetheart. She sometimes calls me her “backbone.”
This one started off as a momfidence text, but turns out she just wanted help with a computer issue.
Should I be offended that there is a cracking up emoji next to “enjoy your young” statement? [Insert thinking emoji here.]
Not-so-subtle hints about money momfidence texts…
My family is terrible about birthdays, but hey, at least I saved our family’s dignity.
Did I mention our family is terrible about remembering birthdays?
Wise words. It really IS all in the mind.
One time, I messaged my mom BEFORE she messaged me. She thought that was a riot.

Stay tuned for a Momfidence Instagram account…

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