Yes, It’s That Time Again! Adventures at Lake Tahoe

To say I was anxious for some snow this winter is an understatement. Was it just me, or was this summer extra freaking long? 

So when Northstar opened one lift, I went. It was sort of sad, seeing the brown patches… but it snowed the following week!

The day after the snowstorm at Heavenly.

Slowing down to enjoy more

The first snowfall at Heavenly.

This season, it’s all about breaks. I don’t need to do 50 runs before noon anymore. This past weekend in Northstar, my sister and I literally did one run and then called it a day. (Granted, we boarded the day before.)

Ready for the day at Heavenly.

So, after taking off every single weekend to Tahoe and Reno for the past month, I took some time to explore the nearby towns, like Truckee (love the historical town part of town!).

Historical Truckee is so cute. I even found my new favorite coffee shop is Coffeebar.

I can’t say enough good things about Coffeebar. They have a keto-friendly coffee menu, plus other super healthy and delicious meals. I’m sad they only have one location in the Bay… in Menlo Park (why so far?!).

A spicy hummus bowl at Coffeebar. It was delicious and only $8!

There’s nothing better than the view of the lake at Northstar.

The weekend of crazy snow

This was the day of the crazy snowstorm. They finally opened the lifts in the afternoon at Heavenly.

There was so much snow I wasn’t sure if my car would make it up the mountain even though it’s 4×4. (I’m thinking I should get some snow tires.)

Putting air in my tires. My windshield was almost completely covered in ice.

It took almost five hours to get to Heavenly and when we got there, they closed the lifts due to high winds.

The epic view of the snow from the hotel.

At 1:30pm, they opened the lifts, but visibility was low and everything was greyed out.

Grey, grey, grey.

The next day, however, was glorious, soft, fluffy, dive-right-in snow!

The following few weekends were a blast since it continued to snow here and there. I noticed more lifts opening at each of the resorts.


It almost looks like it could be summer.

One weekend, I stayed at a lodge right on the lake. Boarding during the day followed by the spectacular views of the lake was such a treat.

I stayed in one of those cluster of cabins.
Snow on the sand. How very wintery…

Stay tuned for more winter wonderland posts from Colorado, Japan, and Canada!

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