New Years in Colorado & My 2019 Travel Resolutions

Above photo: Yucca Area at Colorado Botanical Reserves, which is also a scenic hiking area

Happy New Year from Colorado Springs, Colorado!

I was lucky enough to culminate the end of 2018 and ring in the new year in Colorado. I also got two days of boarding in at Breckenridge, also known as my new happy place.

Manitou Springs on New Year’s Day

Since it’s that time of year — I thought I’d tie some of my resolutions to travel, since it’s such a big part of my life. These are some resolutions I’m making in 2019.

Manitou Springs is a mix of Native American architecture with a hipster twist, topped with a touch of hippie. My kind of town.

1. I’m going somewhere cheap

Manitou Springs, CO

Much of my travels last year were expensive destinations — Australia, Spain, Alaska, to name a few.

2. I’m starting a dream vacation fund, for real

Garden of Gods is the top-rated place/thing to do and see in Colorado Springs. The rock formations here are incredible. We enjoyed it from the car, since it was a brisk 8 degrees that day.

I say this every year, but this year I’m going to be intentional and set up a subaccount with this specific label. I’m hoping to set it and forget it until one day I am pleasantly surprised by the amount in there. It’ll happen… I’m declaring it now.

3. New Year in a new place

My cousin’s dog, Holly stares out the window. She’s such a good girl!

Last year I rang in the New Year in Sydney in Bondi Beach, Australia. This year I was in Colorado Springs. I’m not really one for traditions, but it’s kind of fun ringing in the New Year in a new place.

I had a white Christmas in Reno and an extra cold, white New Years in Colorado. I know, I’m such a Californian!

4. Plan ahead for summer & long weekends

More of Manitou.

I’m going to plan for a summer getaway now. I never really go anywhere in the summers simply because it’s too expensive.

But I also don’t start looking until after spring break, which is already too late, which then discourages me from going anywhere. Not good.

I also want to book up those three-day weekends that seem to come out of nowhere. When I first started traveling once a month in 2017, I did a pretty good job of booking up those long weekends. I want to make sure to do that at the beginning of the year, rather than a few weeks out.

This year, my MLK will be spent at Whistler, so it’s definitely a good start!

I’m looking forward to a wonderful 2019, filled with lots of new adventures, snow, friends, family, and love! Cheers to that.

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