COVID & finding my happy place… what’s yours?

With the uncertainty of COVID-19 and its economic and social fallout, I’m often feeling anxious and stressed. Sometimes, I don’t even know how I’m supposed to feel.

Mostly, the best ways to describe how I feel are… weird and uncomfortable.

COVID-19 and adjusting to a new reality

Going out in public is strange. It’s empty streets and people awkwardly trying to adhere to the six feet apart rule.

I feel a sense of shame when I’m too close to others, whether it’s in line at the store, or walking on a sidewalk that clearly isn’t wide enough to stay 6 feet apart.

Maybe because it’s not a great time to be Asian right now. I sense people’s suspicions and paranoia. After all, we’re all trying to dodge an invisible bad guy.

But I’m trying to stay optimistic. I hear China and Korea are doing better, so, we should be okay too? The stimulus package may help fix the economy, right? (Insert the “I don’t know” emoji.)

I’m overwhelmed. So, I sometimes have to mentally go to my happy place. This would be one of them.

Good timing for this trip

Days before San Francisco’s shelter-in-place was issued, I went to the countryside with a few friends. This is by far one of the best perks about the Bay Area. You don’t have to go far to find incredible redwood trees, hikes, beaches, and mountains.

Powering through an 11-mile hike.

Since travel on an airplane is out of the question (and my trips to Whistler and Bali canceled), a few friends and I decided at the last minute to spend some time out in nature.

We packed our bags and drove a few hours north of the city.

Sweet memories

My soul feels better looking through these photos and remembering how it felt to be surrounded by trees, the beach, and delicious food.

More importantly, I’m grateful to have good friends and feel even more connected to them, despite not being able to see them in person right now.

This trip was a magical time and one that will forever be engrained in my memory as that last excursion before having to (almost) permanently stay indoors.

We’re all struggling in unique ways, and I feel incredibly lucky to be healthy and continue to work from home.

With the economic impact of the virus and many Americans losing their income, these are a few solid resources I’ve found, if you want to donate:

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