7 Best Things About a Slower-Paced Life (in Photos)

Raise your hand if you’re getting used to slowing down. I mostly like it because I hated feeling so busy, even though I may not have actually been that busy.

Anxiety still nips at my heels, especially when I really have absolutely nothing to do, but overall, I like taking my time to cook, read, and go outside for long walks or bike rides.

Here’s how life has evolved for me, shown in photos.

1. I’m biking and hiking (welcome to the Bay Area, amirite?!)

I think it’s a requirement that you must enjoy biking and hiking in Northern Cali. Okay, at least hiking, if not biking.

I dusted off my old bike that I bought in Brooklyn and started riding around town. From biking 14 miles roundtrip to the Bay Bridge and discovering new hikes, I am gosh darn thankful the Bay is so outdoorsy.

2. Going bananas

This may sound weird, but bananas are my favorite food. You’ll never see any bananas going bad on my counter. I use them for everything, including baking. This time in quarantine has created a surge in people baking and making treats from bananas, and I’ve been loving a lot of these delightful banana-inspired recipes!

Check out some of my creations. I tweaked most of the recipes to exclude added sugars since bananas are already so sweet.

3. Cooking and trying new recipes

I saw my meals evolve because of the hours spent looking at recipes from Pinterest and Flipboard. I stopped eating traditional breakfasts and instead started making veggie soups with a poached egg.

These are very filling and so good.

4. Shout it from the rooftop

Each night at around 8 pm in SF, people honk and get on their rooftops to thank healthcare workers during this dangerous time.

I had only read about it, until one day, I brought out a pot and spatula and joined in. People are pretty punctual, I was impressed!

A stunning view of the city.

5. New forms of walking

Every day, I try to walk at least 5 miles. Walking is great, but I wanted to switch it up.

I bought some roller skates and ankle weights (I’ve since returned the weights because they kept cutting into the top of my foot).

Learning how to roller skate all over has been both scary and exhilarating.

6. I have time… to zone out

The other day while lounging on my couch doing nothing, I noticed the sun making shadow puppets from my plants on the wall.

It was nature’s temporary artwork. Kind of cool, doncha think?

7. I can mindlessly color

I used to love coloring as a kid. It was the class’ reward for completing a test early or mindless relaxing time. Things haven’t changed much.



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