Summer Snapshot: Yuba River, Arroyo Seco, Yosemite’s North Dome

Above photo: That’s Yosemite’s famous North Dome behind me. The fires had already started at this point, so that’s why its hazy.

Lockdowns, a pandemic, an orange sky, massive fires destroying Cali… what’s next? 😦

Despite not getting on a plane this year (#travelshaming), I’ve explored the Bay like never before, checking out hikes at national forests, going backpacking, kayaking, river hiking/swimming for my life at Arroyo Seco (did not know this was a thing!), and camping in 100 degree weather.

This summer has been an eye-opening exploration of local areas in the Bay Area.

Despite a pandemic, insane fires raveging the state, and missing the opportunity to get away—far, far away, I’ve enjoyed the summer immensely.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the most recent places I’ve ventured to.


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