Mammoth Lakes, CA

I have yet to post Colorado at brand new IKON mountains we did in January! We rode at Copper and Steamboat!

I live for new adventures, so the moment I arrive at a new ski resort, freshly strapped to my snowboard, I get a rush of pure exhilaration. Similar to when you’re a kid and go to Disneyland for the first time. 

I had first been to Mammoth in the summer of 2008, way before my snowboarding adventures. I thought the village, covered in a blanket of snow would look significantly different than the summer, but the season has been relatively dry, so there wasn’t a lot of snow in general. This was cause for concern, especially since I particularly dislike icy patches. The snow surpassed my expectations and most of our days were spent on the backside on the smaller chairs 12, 13, and 14. 

Warm days! That’s Mark and Dave on the backside chair.

The front side met my expectations for the long lines at the chairs—roughly a 20-min wait, but there was hardly a wait on the backside. The runs on the backside were surprisingly long and the snow was way softer than I expected—almost like it had snowed a few days before, even though it hadn’t. 

Mark, Dave, and me at Mammoth’s summit

There were barely any patches of ice and the downward incline was just about the most perfect blue I had ever experienced in the five seasons I’ve boarded. It wasn’t steep enough where I’d be afraid of picking up too much speed and killing myself, but just the right amount of slope so I could go fast and be able to easily get over the uphill sections without getting stuck. 

Mammoth and the wind

We were only able to board two days instead of three and a half due to wind and a ton of snow on our last day. They closed the main chair area on days that were too windy and snowy anyway. 

I loved every minute of Mammoth, despite having to mostly stay in the cabin on the days when the weather shut down the chairs. 

Relaxing and really finding enjoyment even when we couldn’t board

Our condo was perfectly cozy. The two sweet dogs made it even cozier. We had the fireplace going and the days we didn’t board were just… lazy.

I read my book by the fireplace with my steaming cup of hot tea while my crew played cards, drank, or took naps. Some of us worked in the morning and took calls, but for the most part, we took advantage of not being able to do much of anything and just relaxed. 

My love for the mountains goes beyond getting on my board and gliding down the slopes. It’s about being with the friends I love, the shared experience of riding together, and enjoying food, drinks, and conversation. 

And as you move through life, it’s more important than ever to seek out these experiences I know will bring me joy and inner peace.

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