Montauk, NY

Above photo: Montauk Point Light

June 2017


  • Hotel: Montauk Yacht Club
  • Recommend: Watching the sunset at Monatuket Hotel
  • Weather: 80s and humid
Montauket Hotel

The first time I had ever heard of a place called Montauk was in the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” with Jim Carrey. In the beginning of the film, he’s at the train platform. One way says Montauk, and the other goes into the city. He chose Montauk.

It’s the eastern most point of Long Island, which is kind of cool because just a few months before, I was on the most western part of Alaska’s southern bay.

I decided to take a trip to NYC in June to see old friends and visit before the weather got too hot and humid. While there, I took a weekend trip to Montauk, Long Island.

The beach at Montauk, lined with beach homes and apartments.

Thanks to my NYC buddy Dave, who is quite the Montauk expert, I got a nice tour of the town, on our drive there — and in true Montauk/Hampton’s fashion, rode there in his convertible BMW M3 — holla!

I would’ve loved to have gone fishing. Next time.

The drive from NYC to Montauk takes about 2 hours, given there’s no traffic. We took longer than 2 hours, because we made a few stops along the way for gas and food.

We stopped by a cute spot on the way from NYC to Montauk for some oysters and beer.

Along the way, we stopped at a cute diner-like shack on the side of the road. It was a shack called The Lobster Roll with a red and white striped awning behind a packed parking lot filled with Mercedes and Range Rovers. Apparently this is the “it” spot. It felt so 90210.

We arrived to The Montauk Yacht club and went straight to the Montauket Hotel to catch the sunset. When we arrived, we headed to the back yard area. There were benches, twinkle lights, and everyone was decked out in a very fashionable Hamptons attire (think: J.Crew).

Watching the sunset at Montauket Hotel.

We sat down and grabbed a beer and proceeded to watch a large group of Millennials partaking in a very exciting mini selfie fest. Dressed-up gals wearing skimpy dresses, short shorts, paired with fedoras and Indiana Jones-looking hats, giving their best smiles and winks to the cameras while the sun went down in the distance.

When the sun finally set, the crowd started clapping. Huh?

Then I heard someone behind me mumble, “Yeah. Go sun, you did it. Good job. Will you do it again tomorrow?”

Montauk State Park

At night, we went back to the hotel and hung out at the restaurant and then sat around the big bonfire, a few steps from the water. It was peaceful, since there weren’t a lot of guests at the hotel.

Right outside the hotel.
Montauk Yacht Club pool area

Here’s a map of where I went.

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